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Original posting date: 2/8/08

The Kis-My-Ft2 Pimp Post

It has occurred to me that there's been a Johnny's Jr. pimp post, & way back when darkeyedwolf pimped out A.B.C. like crazy. But there's never been a post for Kisumai! & that is bad because they are awesome. ♥


Kis-My-Ft2 was created back in 2005 (I KNOW THEY ARE SO OLD RIGHT) with eight members. You know how KAT-TUN's got the whole "bad boy sexy" thing & NEWS is like "bouncy happy gay!" & Arashi is "rainbows & member ai" & A.B.C. does acrobatics? Well, Kisumai is the group that--wait for it--roller skates. & yes, it actually is as gay as it sounds, EXCEPT MORE.

Well, when I wrote this post they were the rollerskating group, and they still do for their old songs. But lately they're more the "sexy & wild" type. Like KAT-TUN. Except they're better.

The name Kis-My-Ft2 is made up of all the members' names because Johnny-san is original like that: Kitayama, Iida, Senga, Miyata, Yokoo, Fujigaya, Tamamori, & then Nikaido ('ni' is Japanese for '2'). I have no idea who Iida is, he left a while ago. The three ojisans (Kitayama, Fujigaya & Yokoo) were part of the original Kis-My-Ft; the other four are affectionately called the chibis or did I make that up? idek. I think I DID make that up, but whatever.

Middle - Kitayama Hiromitsu
& then clockwise, from the top right: Yokoo Wataru, Tamamori Yuta, Senga Kento, Fujigaya Taisuke, Nikaido Takashi, & Miyata Toshiya. BUT WAIT. That's a lot of members. :O

THE MEMBERS; aka I copy + paste from Wikis (credits to cold_jade & biconne for the profile info!)

I'll go in chronological order from the youngest just so y'all can feel nice & pedophilic. >D

» First up is Senga Kento, who may be the biggest dork in the entire group--except all of them are really big dorks. He is the best dancer in Kisumai, having taken dance lessons since pre-school, & he & Kitayama lead the group in dance practice. He's the youngest & gets the most screen time, alongside Kitayama & Fujigaya. He's probably the second most popular in the entire group, following only Fujigaya, because he's good at singing and dancing and has a likable personality. He's also part of the dance unit BUTOUKAN, made up of Tomoyuki Yara, Yamamoto Ryouta, Hamanaka Bunichi and Tsukada Ryoichi. Senga's really gullible & goofy & funny, & everybody loves to tease him.

* Name: Senga Kento (千賀健永)
* Nicknames: Sen-chan, Gasucho
* Birthdate: March 23, 1991
* Birthplace: Aichi, Japan
* Height: 170 cm
* Weight: 57kg
* Blood Type: AB
* Entered Johnnys: May 2003
* Previous Groups: Kis-My-Ft, ABC Jr
* Best Friend: Nikaido Takashi
* Hobbies: Listening to music, karaoke
* Strong Point: Honest and friendly
* Weak Point: Very silly person
* Special Ability: Dancing
* Favourite Sport: Dodge Ball
* Favourite Food: Green pepper with shreaded meat
* Favourite item of Clothing: Caps/Hats
* Treasures the most: His aims/goals in life
* He likes it when girls are worried and put on a worried expression.

» Then there's Nikaido Takashi. Nika-chan's the second youngest. (Well, obviously.) He's a little bratty, has a tendency to say exactly what he thinks, & likes to play practical jokes on other members. Also in one of their articles it's been revealed that he sometimes gets really scared & asks another member to go to the bath with him. Awww. ♥ When they were younger, he was best friends with Senga, but I doubt it's the case now--Senga seems tight with Fujigaya, and Nikaido is friends with everybody. He apparently borrows from Yokoo so often that he's been chided for not having any hair spray or socks or even--haha--underwear. Oh, Nikaido.

* Name: Nikaido Takashi (二階堂高嗣)
* Nicknames: Taa-Kun, Nika
* Birthdate: August 6, 1990
* Birthplace: Tokyo, Japan
* Height: 173 cm
* Weight: 54kg
* Shoe size: 26.5cm
* Blood Type: B
* Entered Johnnys: February 4th 2001
* Previous Groups: MINT, ABC Jr
* Family: Dad, Mom, Elder Sister, 3 Dogs (Maru, MoMo, and Mikan).
* Interest/Forte: Dance/Will not be late for dates or meetings.
* Hobbies: Observing people, dancing
* Strong Point: Doesn't take little things to heart, won't be late when meeting anyone
* Weak Point: Lives in his own world
* Special Ability: Can befriend people quickly even if he just met them
* Favourite Food: Meat, rice, fish, yakiniku
* Disliked Food: Green Pepper & Green Onion
* Favourite Colours: Black, White, Orange
* Favourite Sports: Soccer
* Favourite Subject: Music
* Disliked Subjects: Everything other than Mathematics
* Favourite animal: Elephant
* Favourite song: Tackey & Tsubasa's [Ai, CHECK IT!]
* Favourite phrase: Not defeated!
* Favourite item of Clothing: Wallet (made it himself and is very proud of it)
* Type of girls: Pocchari-Kei. (Chubby girls) Girls who won't break their promise. Neat and tidy.
* Reason for joining: His elder sister applied for him.
* Best friends: Kisumai members, Arioka Daiki, Watanabe Shota
* Treasures the most: Family
* Admires: ABC, Akanishi Jin, Kamenashi Kazuya, MA
* He likes it when a girl has a problem she can't understand and puts on a troubled expression and maybe asking him "Nande?" with that very expression.

» I don't know a lot about Tamamori Yuta. Apparently, he's spacey & kind of out there, & adds "-san" to inanimate objects. He gets teased a lot because of "unag-san" & other things, I know they love to make stuff up in interviews so they can make fun of him for it. He can't read the atmosphere either, & is the type to randomly laugh out loud in the middle of a conversation. He's also a little narcissistic, & fixes his hair ALL THE TIME, as in, right before performing & right after, & also doesn't take off his makeup when he leaves work. He's quiet and a little shy, but friendly.

* Name: Tamamori Yuta (玉森裕太)
* Nicknames: Tama-chan, Tama
* Birthdate: March 17, 1990
* Birthplace: Tokyo, Japan
* Height: 174 cm
* Weight: 58kg
* Blood Type: B
* Entered Johnnys: December 1st 2002
* Previous Groups: MINT, Fresh Jr, J.J. Express, ABC Jr
* Best Friend: Inoo Kei, Matsumoto Kouhei
* Hobbies: Sleeping
* Strong Point: Can become friends with anyone
* Weak Point: Gets tired of things fast
* Special Ability: Can notice things fast, learned surfing in third grade
* Favourite Sport: Soccer
* Favourite Food: Toufu
* Favourite item of Clothing: Shirts
* Treasures the most: Graduation booklet
* Reason for entering Johnny's: Family applied for him without him knowing, and he even cried and said "I don't want to!"
* Admires: Domoto Koichi
* Family: Has an older sister
* Started surfing since his 3rd year in elementary school
* Liked baseball and joined the school's team but baseball shirts always have a tight cutting for the neck and he hates it so he stopped.

» Miyata Toshiya? Is made of awesome. He's basically smiley & happy all the time. He is super sweet & cute, & always knows what costumes they'll be wearing & other practical things like that. &, even though he's one of the youngest, he acts like an old man. The members like to make fun of him because he's so easygoing & calm, plus his fashion sense is--let's call it unique. Taisuke caught Miyata checking himself out in a mirror once, and it was hilarious. Because once found out, Miyata got defensive & told Taisuke "I'm an idol too!"--meaning you're not the only one who gets to look pretty, Taisuke. He gets abused ALL THE FREAKIN' TIME. Also, and I don't know if I'm the only one who notices, Miyata is a darn good dancer. He's got timing and rhythm and all the technical moves down. No one says anything about that, though. (All members are good dancers, with the possible exceptions of Yokoo and Nikaido. Yokoo because he's awkward, and Nikaido, I suspect, is just pure laziness. He forgets dance moves all the time.)

* Name: Miyata Toshiya (宮田俊哉)
* Nicknames: Mitsuchi, Mii-kun, Miyacchi
* Birthdate: September 14, 1988
* Height: 172 cm
* Weight: 57kg
* Blood Type: A
* Entered Johnnys: February 4th 2001
* Previous Groups: ABC Jr, Ta Gumi, Jr.BOYS
* Hobbies: Playing the guitar, harmonica, piano and violin
* Strong Point: Happy person
* Weak Point: Can't sense the atmosphere properly
* Special Ability: Never worries about things
* Favourite Sport: Soccer
* Favourite Food: Meat
* Treasures the most: Peaceful world
* Reason for entering Johnny's: Mother and elder sister applied for him.
* Family: Older sister
* He likes it when during a cold day, girls warm their hands with warm breaths from their mouth.

» Ah, Taisuke. Fujigaya Taisuke. Anyone with a heart not made of stone will fall under this boy's spell in less than thirty seconds. He talks a lot, & in fact a lot of the members have said that if no one interrupted him he'd talk until he died for lack of air. Taipi is one of the lead singers of Kisumai, the other one being Kitayama. He's also the most popular member (in my opinion). I swear, the cameramen for Shokura must love him because he is always on screen. He can rap, he's a good dancer, & his Adam's apple bobs up & down every time he laughs hard. Even though he's got a pretty manly personality, he likes a lot of girly things, & if you watch Shokura you can see him with sparkly scrunchies & girly necklaces & hair ties on his wrists all the time. Most of the members consider him to have the best voice, I think--they mention his singing a lot. ABC & Kisumai are ridiculously close as well, I know Taisuke's been friends with Kawai & Goseki for ages & ABC is always in the Kisumai dressing room. Or vice versa. He's really funny as well, and is always around people.

* Name: Fujigaya Taisuke (藤ヶ谷太輔)
* Nicknames: Taipi, Gaya, Tai-chan, Fujigaya-otousan
* Birthdate: June 25, 1987
* Birthplace: Kanagawa, Japan
* Height: 175 cm
* Weight: 55kg
* Blood Type: AB
* Entered Johnnys: November 8th 1998
* Previous Groups: Kis-My-Ft, Jr.BOYS, BAD
* Best Friend: Goseki Koichi, Kawai Fumito, Tanaka Koki
* Family: Parents, two younger bothers Yuusuke(1 yr younger) and Ryosuke(4 yrs younger)
* Hobbies: Rollerskating, dancing, singing, acting, writing lyrics, making people laugh, having fun.
* Strong Point: Always cheerful
* Weak Point: Will always arrive at the last minute
* Special Ability: High pitch when singing
* Favourite Sport: Basketball
* Favourite Food: Chinese food, Yakiniku
* Favourite item of Clothing: Jeans, jackets
* Treasures the most: Experiences, friends and his work
* Admires: Tanaka Koki
* He likes it when a girl has to listen to something and she goes "Nn?"

» Yokoo Wataru. I reeeee-eeaaaly don't know anything about Yokoo, like, at ALL. All I know is he was part of the original unit, Kis-My-Ft, & that he's snarky & is always with Fujigaya & he likes to tease Nikaido. He loves to clean the dressing room because he is a neat freak. I think he is like the crabby, sarcastic mother hen of Kisumai.

* Name: Yokoo Wataru (横尾渉)
* Nicknames: Yoko, Yaiba, Wataru, Wata, Wattan, Yokoo-san, Yokoo-chan
* Birthdate: May 16, 1986
* Star Sign: Taurus
* Chinese Zodiac: Tiger
* Birthplace: Kanagawa, Japan
* Height: 175 cm
* Weight: 53kg
* Blood Type: A
* Entered Johnnys: February 4th 2001
* Previous Groups: J Support, K.K.Kity, ITY, Jr Boys, Kis-My-Ft
* School: Graduated from Yokohama Souei Highschool
* Family: Parents, older brother and 5 dogs
* Good Friends: Kusano Hironori, Iida Kyohei, Koyama Keiichiro, Fujigaya Taisuke
* Strong Point: Can react fast to different situations
* Weak Point: Loses interest in things very quickly
* Special Ability: Can play any type of sports
* Hobbies: Darts, Pool, Soccer, Basketball
* Favourite Sport: Soccer, Baseball and Basketball
* Favourite Food: Ushisa, yakitori, fish
* Favourite Item of Clothing: Tank tops, small accesories
* Favourite Colour: White, Black
* Type of Girls: Fair skinned
* Treasures the most: Friends
* Yokoo has another brother, but it's not clear who's older
* He likes it when a girl talks to someone, and she goes "Eh? Nani?" kind of expression.

» Kitayama Hiromitsu. I love Mitsu, even though he's pervy & short & acts like a big baby. Kitayama is the oldest, & he has an aura of cool hanging around him all the time. He's got a cute side that we sometimes get to see, like the time that everyone at Takki's One! musical threw him a surprise birthday party & he cried, or when he has long, detailed discussions about anime with Miyata, or that performance of Brand New Season on the March Shokura. He goes through things at his own pace. His special talent is being able to sleep anywhere. He's the other main vocalist in Kisumai (and the best one, in my opinion, BUT NO ONE AGREES WITH ME D:). He was part of the temporary group 'Kitty', who backdanced for Yamapi + Golf + Mike in their Fever to Future single & included Hikaru Yaotome, Inoo Kei, & Totsuka Shota. I don't know who his close friends are, but I think that he's friends with Senga, Nikaido, Miyata, & Totsuka Shota. That's just based on videos & interviews & stuff like that though, he hasn't explicitly said anything about it. Also, he surfs. And is a ladies' man. 8D

* Name: Kitayama Hiromitsu (北山宏光)
* Nicknames: Hiro, Hiromii, Mitsu, Mitsutsu, Hiroppi
* Birthdate: September 17, 1985
* Birthplace: Kanagawa, Japan
* Height: 168 cm
* Weight: 54kg
* Blood Type: A
* Entered Johnnys: May 5th, 2002
* Previous Groups: Kis-My-Ft, Jr.BOYS, Kitty
* Hobbies: Shopping, Video games
* Strong Point: Very good at sleeping, takes his time when doing things
* Weak Point: Oversleeps, takes too long doing things
* Special Ability: Can sleep anywhere
* Favourite Sport: Soccer
* Favourite Food: Roast meat, honey dew, sashimi, mango, yakiniku
* Favourite item of Clothing: Jeans
* Treasures the most: Everything that is his and keeps him going (Mother and friends for example)
* Reason for entering Johnny's: Sister of a friend applied for him
* Admires: Johnny Kitagawa, SMAP
* Family: Hiro is the only child and is raised in a single parent family (mom).
* He likes it when girls laugh, he thinks smiles and such are charming.


-- Yuta, Hiro, & Yokoo's first Valentine's Day chocolates came from their moms. Miyata, Nikaido & Taisuke got theirs from a schoolmate & Senga got it from a dance schoolmate. Awww.


Nov 2007 Popolo

Points to whoever can figure out who is who.

I have a LOT of scans, except I use them for personal viewing only & didn't bother to write down the scanners' names (I know, I suck). That is why I can't share many of them with you. :[ If you want some more eye candy you can go to Hadaka no Johnny's or the Kis-My-Ft2 community. &, as always, remember to credit the scanners. & of course you can always go by the old standby, boys_paper, though in my experience they don't put up many Kis-My-Ft2 scans there.

-- June 2008 Duet, Potato, Wink Up
-- April 2008 Duet, Potato, Wink Up

I almost forgot--the awesome diamondsjack posted these translated scans of Yokoo & Kitayama's profiles. I especially like Mitsu's sexy mustache. ;D


-- SC 2007.10.14 - FIRE BEAT, aka the song that spawned a thousand lusts. PEE ESSSSS: this file is .mov! I don't know what other players it will work on, but I have Quicktime & it works fine. Sorry, I don't have any other versions.

- Taipi's TOTALLY SUBTLE dancing
- Senga's hips
- Yokoo + Nikaido fanservice
- Apparently Kitayama forgot his shirt I'm not complaining
- Taipi's tongue makes several cameos in this perf. Just to let you know.
- The last twenty seconds WERE THE BEST OF MY LIFE
- Headbanging, ahahahahaha~
- Their spiffy red and purple outfits
- ...did I mention Mitsu forgot his shirt? *__*
- The look on Miyata's face when he is grinding those hips, OH MY GOD
- Nikaido looks really hot here. I mean really really really hot
- I have nothing to say about Tamamori. D: Seriously, where is that boy?!

-- 2006.10.01 - Chikara on Yahx3. Kitayama's solo on the Yah-yah-yah show. I told you the boy could sing. Uh, Fujigaya & Senga have solos too (MARIA & Exit) but I've yet to find full performances of them & that's why you get this. Also, I love the random glimpses of Senga & Nikaido in there. I couldn't find Taipi, I don't think he was in this perf, & I have no idea about the other members. alkfjasd I know, I am so subtle in my bias.

-- SC 2006.10.01 - Inori. Subbed by Baka no Sekai, so you know the rules: no uploading to streaming sites! This is a really lovely song. ♥ Mostly sung by Fujigaya & Mitsu, but Senga is also there (what else is new?), & the boys are all in suits. In case you didn't read that right, I repeat: SUITS. & I don't know why, but I find Senga's snapping thing extremely hot. *___* Also, Mitsu & Taipi need to stand closer. GODDAMMIT, WHY DOES EVERYONE WANT TO SQUASH MY OTP. :(((

-- MS 2007.03.02 - Kis-My-Me-Mine. Yay! Aren't you proud of them?! Kitayama & Fujigaya's voices were a little shaky, but otherwise it was awesome. & the fact that they messed up a little with the singing is kind of cool, because it means they sang live. Silver lining, guys.

-- SC 2007.01.07 - Kis-My-Me-Mine w/ Fuji. Uhh, yeah. Another perf of the song.

-- SC 2006.12.03 - Kis-My-Me-Mine (w/out Fuji). Even though Taipi's not in it, this is my favorite perf of this song! It's so cute~. & instead of "Kiss Kiss My Kiss Kiss Me," they sing "It's time to kiss kitto"!

-- SC 2006.06.11 - Try Again. Nothing to say. xD;

-- SC 2006.01.15 - Sennen no Love Song. I'm uploading all perfs I have of their original songs, which is why this is here even though I've never seen it. :DV

-- SC 2006.04.09 = Endless Road. Still, this is a great song & on top of that, you get to see them actually skating. No offense, I love that they skate, but sometimes it pisses me off because it means they are moving around too much for me to get a good look at them.

-- 2007.02.01 - Kis-My-Ft2 Medley (MARIA, Chikara, Inori). This has Taipi's MARIA in it. He does that finger thing right at the end. Ahem. Yeah.

-- SC 2006.11.12 - Jr. no Miracle Daisakusen. This segment is HILARIOUS, & even if you don't like Kisumai, you should watch it for the pure crack that is A.B.C. The boys have to do stuff like recite tongue twisters, play a recorder, bounce a ball around, & show how they would confess to the girl they like. No subs, but you get the gist of what's happening. I LOVE Nika, Miyata & Tsukada's confessions. "AI RABU YUU!" AHAHAHA.

-- SC 2007.05.13 - Senga's Andalusia ni Akogarete. You can tell the boy's trying to look alluring & sexy, but all this performance does is make you want to pinch his cheeks.

-- SC 2006.11.12 - Kitayama's Deep in Your Heart. Another cover. This is a hot performance. There's hair falling into eyes & knowing looks into the cameras &, &, Jrs. ON THE FLOOR, bending & twisting & putting their legs up in the air--GUYS, I DON'T EVEN CARE THAT HE'S SHORT. It's kind of a hot song. No, seriously, it's hot. HAHAHA SO BIASED.

-- SC 2006.11.05 - Exit + Inori. Here's the last solo of any members, Exit, which I haven't seen because I am a bad fangirl & keep forgetting to watch it. Y'all know you want to see Senga do his thing, though, don't even deny it.

-- SC 2007.04.08 - Jr. no Miracle Daisakusen. This is another hilarious segment. Senga fails at math, so they have him hold a HUGE balloon while the opposing team tries to blow it up with a pump (& vice versa, if that wasn't already glaringly obvious). The expressions on his face are priceless, & so is everyone's reaction to the balloon when it finally pops. I have to replay it a couple of times to fully appreciate each &
every one of the boys' reactions, seriously, it is that hilarious.

-- SC 2007.06.03 - Goodbye, Thank You. Awesome song.

-- Performing Key of Life with Nakamaru. Watch it. Watch it NOW. God, why does everyone look so good in this. *__* Also, I vote for Hiro never wearing sleeves again. Ever.

-- Tackey & Tsubasa Song Intro~. Oh my god, this clip is--just, ALSJA;LAKJFLASDJLS. Not everyone is there but it's great nonetheless, the boys have to listen to the first few seconds of T&T songs & then guess which one it is. Senga proves that he is a total girl & Taipi makes fun of Venus by Takki & Tsubasa. Plus! Subs! (Thanks, newshfan.)

-- SC 2006.10.01 - Real Face. It's short because it's part of a medley, but all of them are here. As a totally objective third party member with absolutely no personal interest in the matter, I would like to say that this version totally pwns KAT-TUN's. *gets bricked*

-- SC 2007.04.15 Mugendai - Yokoo, Kitayama, Fujigaya, Asaka & Fuka. The three ojisans + random people I don't know from J.J. Express, singing the coolest rendition of Mugendai ever. I'm probably biased, but, I really, really like the beginning when Taisuke & Kitayama sing. & it's a great Kanjani8 song.

-- SC 2008.02.10 Mugendai - Yokoyama Yuu + Juniors. I LOVE THIS SONG SO MUCH. This performance is so sweet, & it's not only Kis-My-Ft2 singing but there's a moment when they sing "Arigatou~~~" that the camera zooms in on Miyata, Yokoo & Kitayama, & they pull the cutest faces.

-- SC 2007.06.10 Ne, Gambaru yo. Really short--it's part of a medley--but it's a really nice song.

-- SC 2006.04.09 Love You Only. Another short one. All I remember is, Hiro's super cute in the beginning & Taisuke's maegami is intact, despite the lingering remnants of his unfortunate hair in the old days.

-- SC 2006.07.02 Real7 & Shorty - Fujigaya + Tanaka Koki. Koki's scary-looking but a total sweetie, & I love him. Also, Taisuke's flaily dancing makes me squee. Yokoo & Ft2 backdance, too!

-- SC 2008.03.09 Brand New Season. GO DOWNLOAD THIS. Right now. I admit, I was skeptical of the song at first, & it took a while to get used to. But it's such a great performance. The boys are wearing those cool white uniforms & of course Taipi & Hiro sing the most.

-- SC 2008.03.09 Wana - Fujigaya, Totsuka, Yaotome, Goseki, & Yokoo (AKA THE DREAM BOMBERS). So, I don't know if any of you watch Shounen Club, but this year they have a competition between two junior teams (the Passionate Rainbows & Dream Bombers--I kid you not). It's called Nekketsu Jr. League & every episode there's been one, &, this being the last Shokura of the season, this game was supposed to determine who was the official winner. You know how they finally determined the champion? Come on, guess. JAN KEN PON AHAHAHAHAHA. & afterwards the winners get to sing while the losing team sulks in a corner. A+, I approve.

-- SC 2008.03.09 Vanilla ~Burn It up!~ - Johnny's Juniors. alfjals I know I'm pimping out this episode way too much, but this is so amazing. I had to. D: Plus, you know, once you start liking Kisumai it's only a short hop away from ABC, & Question?, & before you know it you're perving over a twelve-year-old. Trust me, I've been there. ;~; ANYway, this is also really cute, & just generally upbeat. Kisumai is in it, obviously, & in the beginning there's some Hiro & someone else from the group, & then there's Taipi/Kazu (of Question?) love, &, GASP, Totsu & Hiro! Yay yay yay. My not so secret OTP lives. :D

-- SC 2008.02.10 REAL DX - ABC + Kis-My-Ft2. No words. *______*

-- Butoukan PV. Tackey's dance unit, Butoukan, with Yara Tomoyuki, Senga Kento, Tsukada Ryoichi, & those two other guys I can't tell apart. It's cool to see Senga in an actual PV, instead of just dancing in Shokura or some other variety show. The song's not bad, either.

-- SC 2008.04.06 - Brand New Season. Part of a medley with ABC, so it's shorter, & they're wearing costumes made of a questionable silver material, but it's a nice performance anyway. The camera man was not so nice this time & panned away from Hiro when he sang solo, but other than that it was great. I wish someone had told me that the line Taisuke sang right after said note was not, in actuality, just random Japanese, but the words brand new season.

-- SC 2008.04.06 - Now and Forever. I don't know how it happened, but suddenly I stopped thinking Tsukada was the crazy one from ABC & started thinking he was really hot.

-- SC 2007.12.02 FIRE BEAT.

-- & here, the boys writing letters to each other &/or other juniors in the 'Anata ni Otegami o Kakimashou' segment of Shokura. All are raw, but download anyway? They're really, really cute in these.

*Totsuka Shota & Kitayama Hiromitsu. Don't anyone quote me on this, because this is more speculation more than anything else, but I think Tottsu & Mitsu are pretty close. Not Pin close or anything, but they do walk home together (or they did when this clip was shot), & they bonded over Kitty. Also there was a very cute Tottsu/Mitsu moment in the 2008.03.09 Shokura ending song. Knowing Mitsu, it was probably just him camwhoring, but whatever. xD
*Nikaido Takashi & Senga Kento. This clip proves once & for all that Nikaido = absolute soul-crushing cute. When Senga is reading his letter to Nika-chan his voice breaks & he apologizes &, &, Nikaido giggles & smiles so adorably, & when Senga says he is cute Nika is like, "Sou da ne~." ♥ ♥ ♥ & his smile really does make you melt. Don't even deny.
*Tsukada Ryoichi & Senga Kento. I have no idea whatsoever what is being said, but Tsuka-chan is always spazzy & so, so amusing, I love it. He says he won't forgive Senga for doing something, & then a second later goes, "That's a lie!" HAHAHAHAHA GOD I LOVE ABC, THEY ARE SUCH SPAZZES.
*Yabu Kota & Yokoo Wataru. In the end they go over to shake hands, but end up hugging. It's so awkward but cute.
*Kitayama Hiromitsu & Fujigaya Taisuke. This is a .wmv file, sorry guys. I can't watch the file like this since I haven't bothered downloading a media player for it, but I converted it to .mp4 anyway so I just watch it on that. :3 The link to a streaming video below also includes a translation, & it is 100% recommended that you read it. This clip = so much love.

-- DVD_HeySayJUMP_DebutFirst_Concert_in_Dome - FIRE BEAT
-- Video rips from T&T concert DVD <-- this is a link to the original post, I haven't downloaded the whole thing yet
-- Takki & Tsubasa Premium Live DVD <-- also links
-- SC 2008.05.04 - Hey! Minna genki kai
-- SC 2008.05.04 - Maria, Chikara, STAR SEEKER Medley
-- Johnny's Jr.- Sekai ni Hitotsu Dake No Hana (Flowers Unlike Any Others In The World) [SC 2008.04.13] [subbed]
-- Yara Tomoyuki- LOVESICK [SC 2008.04.13] [subbed]
-- Anata ni Otegami o Kakimashou, Kitayama & Fujigaya [subbed]
-- Brand New Season SC 20080309 [subbed]
-- SC 20061112 Jr no Miracle Daisakusen [subbed]

in iPod format; because yes, I actually am geeky enough to have converted these

-- SC 2007.10.14 - FIRE BEAT
-- SC 2006.10.01 - Inori
-- SC Kis-My-Me-Mine (original performance, minus Fujigaya Taisuke)
-- Jr. no Miracle Daisakusen! Theme - Start
-- Uwasaman - Kitayama & Kawai (making natto sandwiches)
-- Deep in Your Heart
-- Chikara
-- Kis-My-Me-Mine w/ Fuji

Note: Some of the dates aren't included in the filenames, so if you want to remember them you'll have to rename the files yourselves. Oops.

Still not sure you want to waste valuable disk space? Here are streaming links to some of the videos:

-- Deep in Your Heart
-- Inori
-- Kis-My-Me-Mine on MS
-- MARIA, Chikara and Inori
-- Good Bye, Thank You
-- Kis-My-Me-Mine (original perf, w/out Fujigaya)
-- Try Again
-- Exit + Inori
-- Endless Road
-- Key of Life
-- Chikara on Yahx3
-- T&T Song Intro~

& some random videos I found while browsing Youtube & Veoh:

-- SC 2007.11.04 - Hurricane. Ending song for SC sung by Jrs, but Taipi & Mitsu get parts. The look on Taipi's face when it's his turn to sing is hilarious. It's like he's trying to keep that serious expression on but inside he's giggling like a schoolboy. Oh god, Taipi. ♥
-- Anati ni Otegami o Kakimashou - Fujigaya & Kitayama. OH GOD. READ THE TRANSLATION, PLEASE. READ IT, & I DARE YOU NOT TO LAUGH LIKE A HYENA. Also A+ because Taipi & Mitsu together may just be the hottest cutest best thing ever.
-- Hiro saying 'Suki'. This never fails to make me laugh, it is so funny the way he says 'suki,' & there is even cheesy music playing when he turns around, the kind that is played in movies right before a sex scene, & SAF;LKJLSA.
-- Winter Intro Song Don~ Hiromitsu. Note that this was right after they performed FIRE BEAT, & Mitsu is a dork.

-- Songs:
As far as I know, their only original songs are Endless Road, TRY AGAIN, Inori (祈り), Ready?, Kis-My-Me-Mine, GoodBye Thank You, Fire Beat, Brand New Season, Kaizoku, & Smile. Not a lot, I know. They've done lots & lots of covers of sempai songs, but I don't have most of them. I do have practically every version of Kis-My-Me-Mine ever, though, & all perfs of Fire Beat on SC (except the ones from this year). Here are all my Kis-My-Ft2 mp3s. Enjoy.
-- Chakeeouyo's mp3 rips of SC 2008.05.04

*Lyrics & translations. goro_chan, aka newshfan, has translated almost all of Kisumai's original songs. I think the only one she hasn't done is Brand New Season, which isn't surprising since it first aired on the 2008.03.10 Shokura.
*Lyrics & translation of "Brand New Season". :D :D

-- Interview. One of the rare times that their interviews get translated, 100% recommended. EVERYONE IS SO CUTE HERE. You learn all about things like Tamamori's quirks, Senga's ability to change the atmosphere in ways good & bad, Goseki & Kawai (of A.B.C. JAF;LKJFAL, another Jr. band I should know more about *3*) being in their dressing rooms so often that staff go there to look for them before anywhere else, Miyata never complaining (aw!) & more.
-- Another interview. Not as SUPER! HILARIOUS! CRACK! as the other one, but still really informative & cute. The boys are bad at knowing their positions in performances, it seems. Haha~,
-- Each member describes each other. Pretty much everyone has the same description, you'll notice. Ahaha! Mitsu is always called out for sleeping too much. Poor boy probably doesn't get too much sleep. It's 'cause Taipi keeps him. Other than that, they say that Fujigaya would probably keep talking until he died if no one stopped him. :>
-- Another interview. Nothing stood out for me in this one, it's mostly just the members talking.
-- 2008.04 Popolo Interview. Members reveal secrets about each other, & Fujigaya reveals that Hiro gets teased by the young ones a lot. He also gets hyper talking to Miyata about anime, what a cutie. ♥ I love this article, because it really shows the group's chemistry well.
-- 2008.04 Myojo Interview. About Tama-chan's graduation & Hiro's probable one, hee. It's really cute, especially when Miyata describes Hiro: I think what’s charming about him is the gap, he looks like an adult but inside he’s just a brat. & when he goes over Senga's house, he says "Tadaima!" as if it's his home. *DIES* I’ve been good friends with Kitayama ever since the original Kis-My-Ft was made. HM, WONDER WHO THIS CAME FROM?
-- Also! cold_jade has a lot of stuff translated:

* The boys talk about Dream Boys & other activities.
* Valentine's Day & the members' "types".
* Yokoo & Nika chat.
* DESTINATION. Haha, Taisuke became friends with Koki but was too intimidated to talk to Pi. xD
* Members describe each other~. People seem really annoyed at Mitsu because he sleeps so much, don't they? His alarm doesn't work on him & everyone else gets woken up instead. & it seems everyone loves Senga~.
* General information~. Tama-chan's sister applied for him, or his family I don't remember, & he cried 'cause he didn't want to go. xD!

-- Myojo June 2008
-- Girls' Check List from Sept 2007 Popolo
-- Takizawa Enbujou pamplet
-- May 2008 Wink Up
-- March 2008 Wink Up
-- January 2008 Popolo

I want to let everyone know that there is not enough Kis-My-Ft2 fanfiction in the world. Like. Look at jent_fanfics & you'll find 30 entries under the Kisumai tag. This makes me very sad. :( Really, the only fics I've read are mousapelli's, & thank god because she is a really great writer & her fics (including non-Kisumai ones) are ♥.

-- Five Times Miyata Didn't Believe in Love - PG-13. Miyata/Tamamori.
-- Transfixed - R. Fujigaya/Nikaido/Senga. This is pretty hot, except Senga is only six months older than me & that makes it awkward. But if you don't care about that, by all means enjoy it. He doesn't look his age anyway. Mwaha.
-- So That You Don't Notice - R. Nikaido/Senga. So so so so cute. Senkaido is one of the pairings that is cute one minute & mind-blowingly hot the next, so um. Yeah. A+++ recommended. *___*
-- Paying the Piper - NC-17. Nikaido/Kis-My-Ft2. AKA THE KISUMAI ORGY. Oh god how do I love mousapelli for this. I don't even really like orgies, or Tamamori/Miyata/Yokoo, but this? Total hotness. It also has every single member participating at one point, so it's a good way for you to test out whether or not you can recognize them. Because that is totally why you're clicking this link, right?
-- Wake Up Call - R. Kitayama/Fujigaya. Technically this is Kitayama/Fujigaya/Yokoo, except Yokoo is only there for five seconds. Kitayama is a perv, but an irresistible one, & all Taisuke wants to do is get some more sleep. SO CUTE. SO SEXY. GO READ IT!
-- Bound By the Red Thread - R. Kitayama Fujigaya. Possessive!Taisuke is one of the hottest things I've ever read about. Most fics have him as uke (which I kind of--don't understand, but ok), & I hope that because of this writers of JE fic will finally realize that Taisuke is not a girl.
-- One Hundred & Ten Percent - NC-17. Anyone noticing a pattern in the ratings? Haha. xD; This fic is one of the best Senkaido I've read, because it's sweet, more than anything, despite the rating. Since it's about their first time it could've been a hundred times more awkward & wrong, but it wasn't. It was perfect. Read it!
-- Careful Who You Kiss - PG. Kitayama/Fujigaya. A cute little fic about Taipi getting drunk & sleeping over Mitsu's house.
-- Until We Meet Again - PG-13. Really, really good angst, but be forewarned, you'll need a LOT of tissues. I usually never ever ever cry when I read something, but this fic had me bawling like a baby. ;~;
-- Virgin Sandwich - The Education of Nikaido Takashi - NC-17. Ask her to friend you back before reading! It's totally worth it, haha. xD; This fic made me giggle more than anything else, innocent little Nika (at fourteen! O.O) getting an education from his senpais.
-- [50 Shorties] Hirosuke - PG-15. Fifty short, drabble-like things on the relationship of Kitayama Hiromitsu & Fujigaya Taisuke.
-- Haunted Onsen - PG-13. Such a cute, hilarious fic. I love Yokoo & Kitamitsu fighting over Taisuke.
-- Come & Dance with me, Baby - PG-13. Fujigaya/Kitayama. Mitsu doesn't recognize Taisuke.
-- Necktie - NC-17. Fujigaya/Kitayama. Taisuke sees an episode of YOUtachi & he isn't happy.

Apparently there's a Kisumai Ficathon on the comm, so you should go check that out for other fics. & the Kisumai tag tag on jent_fanfics is pretty darn handy as well, although there are so few in this fandom that I'm sure a lot overlap. :/

I may be biased when I say this, but I really think following juniors is WAY more time-consuming than being a fan of debuted groups. With NEWS & Arashi you can buy CDs, watch music videos, download scans and go to concerts and that's it, but juniors do just as much--and without the convenience of names to guide you! How are you supposed to know which performances Kisumai are backdancing for, unless you watch every single video in the universe?! Yeah, that's not gonna happen.

That's why I thank the lord for Shounen Club. The boys have been a regular feature of the show for ages, & since they are considered somewhat "senior" amongst the Shokura crowd they are always in Jr League & the opening/closing songs. You can download raw Shokura episodes from Himitsu or Hotakky. newshfan has some clips of Shounen Club subbed, & you can check Baka no Sekai for subbed clips/episodes & raw ones to about...the middle of last year. shokura is a good place for full episodes, mp3 rips, reviews, & Shokura charts, except it was created only last year so the episodes uploaded are mostly from 2007 & 2008. Check shatteredtenshi's Shokura charts to see which episodes the boys are in.

Mitsu was also in a show called YOUtachi, & Taisuke currently stars in the show Hyakushiki along with other juniors or HSJ-ers.

I haven't been in the fandom in a long time, though I think they aren't as regularly featured in Shokura as they used to be. They're getting more exposure as a unit--they had a joint concert tour with ABC ("Ebikisu"), & just a few months ago toured Japan with their own tour.

Unfortunately, this is how it will be for any Kisumai fan--trying to spot them in the background of senpai performances, watching Shounen Club for just one performance & catching glimpses in shows when other groups are guests. It's because they're JUNIORS, & not even heavily pimped out juniors like Ya-Ya-yah who got their own damn show. Still, the good thing about them is they're surrounded by other juniors who can entertain you when Kisumai is not there. Because juniors are awesome. (For example, because of Kisumai I am now familiar with Question?, ABC-Z, BUTOUKAN, random juniors without units, and countless chibis. It's unavoidable!)

Now go join kis_my_ft2! & pimp out this post!

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  • i didn't wanna do it

    Hiii, this is the first friends cut I've ever done. I've been thinking about doing this for a long time. I feel like, as the years passed, I've felt…


    You know how it goes: ♥ Comment with your name. ♥ Link in your journal (I am not kidding, please PIMP THIS LIKE CRAZY!!1!one!)…