I have stolen your FO post's virginity! Hahaha...ha...haha...ahem.

*is scandalous*

I should beat your ego down and put you LAST, har har har, only I cannot be arsed to. I am too lazy.

Hi. I was thinking. (And it hurt a lot.) Even though I don't know you, I want to. We're both interested in coffee and boy sex, and I think it matters. I'm also interested in you.

So, add me?
I saw your icon so I came to look at your journal, and you look cool. I've not many friends that like jrock and slash. I don't know why, really, but we have mutual friends and I like fangirling and slash and I spaz a lot so can I add you?
i just want to say..
when i grow up i want to be a japanese too
Hey! I stumbled across your LJ and remember you from GnH. Mind if I friend? Your journal is very shineh! *admires*
...Hi. We're using the same exact layout stylesheet. o_o

That was random, I know. But...you seem like someone I would get along with. Add me?
So, how about it? You, me, and a bucket of cafe ole?

Waitwaitwait. It took me a good minute to figure out where I saw that before but omg Jeffrey McDaniel. O_O
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Hiya, it's me, gilraen79. I changed my username and now LJ has kicked me from everyone's f-list. Please add me again if you want? Thanks. <3
Hii! I saw your form on quaaaack's JE Friending Meme! I think you're cool! And I love new friends! Add me back?

You . . . seem like one of the most awesome people. Ever. I swear.

The usual deal of us having a lot of the same interests and wouldyoupleasefriendme? can be applied in this paragraph. Especially the boysecks. I really like the boysecks, and it seems you do, too.

Oo, oo, oo. And, and, and . . . . I want to rip off your logic and make passionate sense to you ~ <3
...you just quoted one of my favorite poems EVER, how could I not friend you? Also, that line about there never being too much Miyavi made me totally love you.

Friended. :)
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OMG you know Miyavi??

No-one that I have known, knows Miyavi....

and KAT-TUN....

Um, okay. ^^; I'm not sure if I added you or not, but if I haven't I will in a minute. :)
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fantastic thing you are doing

Great book. I just want to say what a fantastic thing you are doing! Good luck!


Hey i'm just commenting to say i'll be taking oyu off my f-list. This is nothing personal, just i'm trying to cut down my f-list and taking off people i never talk to. I wish you ALL the best and take care!
No problem! It took me a while to realize that you took me off though, so I'm just defriending you now. XD
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You welcome
HEY, YOU--I have no idea where you are or if you plan on coming back to grace us with your presence, but all that aside--HAPPY FREAKIN' BIRTHDAY. ♥
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