i didn't wanna do it

Hiii, this is the first friends cut I've ever done. I've been thinking about doing this for a long time. I feel like, as the years passed, I've felt more and more disconnected from my flist. There are people on it whom I haven't talked to in years. YEARS.

So I only kept people I keep in regular contact with, or with whom I think I'll be able to talk to again. To the 69 friends I cut: it's been a good run, and I wish you all the best!! ♥
i get nervous when i see friends cut posts. BUT I'M HAPPY. YOU DIDN'T CUT ME. which is good, because then i'd have to hunt you down.

i know the only reason you kept me is for my body anyway.

maybe, though i think i should crank up the price for this unexpected shenanigan you pulled on me.
of courseeee, hon. we haven't spoken much lately but i still remember that first year we met. it was magical. ;D

Ahaha, I saw this and was like, 'I BETTER HAVE BEEN KEPT *CHECKS*'. \o/ ♥